How do I set up my first Showcase IDX search?

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In your WordPress Admin, go to “Pages,” then “Add New.” 

You’ll see a bar at the top that says, “Enter title here.” Choosing a title here will create the URL for your default search page as well as for new pages generated with Showcase IDX searches.

Pro Tips:

  • Choose something short and relevant. Using too many words is unlikely to help your SEO and will make your URLs long and awkward.
  • We recommend going with either something generic like “homes,” “search,” “mls,” or “properties” or something market-specific like “miami-homes” or “atlanta-real-estate.”
  • Use dashes to separate words.

To make things as easy as possible, you’ll be using shortcodes to add Showcase IDX searches, widgets, and hotsheets to your website. If you’re familiar with shortcodes, go ahead and add the shortcode [showcaseidx] to the page that you just created. To do this, simply type it (including the brackets) into the “text” tab of the new page. If you’re new to shortcodes, you might want to learn more before getting started.

We recommend displaying the search across the full width of this page, but it will also look great in a two-column layout. (We have found that making it full width reduces user distraction, which means your visitors are less likely to click away from your site and more likely to register or ask a question through the IDX.) 

If you choose to make it full width, go to the “Page Attributes” box on the right side of your screen and select “Full Width Page” from the “Template” drop-down menu. 


Click “Publish.” You’ve created your first search page! It’s as easy as that.

Once you’ve published, you’ll see a Permalink near the top of the page. It’ll look like this:

Copy the section highlighted in yellow (the part in between the last two slash marks). Go back to “Showcase IDX” in your WordPress sidebar, paste the text into the box shown below, then click “Finish.”

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