How do I change the titles of my listing pages? And what should I use?

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The title of your listing pages is one of the most important factors when it comes to both page ranking and visitor engagement. It shows up in search results and at the top of the page when visitors are on your site. Showcase IDX allows you to select the exact structure for your listing pages with a flexible approach that allows you to add both static and dynamic elements to your titles.

To change the structure of your titles, go to the Settings Page of your Agent Dashboard and scroll down to the “Listing Page Title Structure” section. Use the variables listed to create the title structure you want to use for all of your indexable listing pages. Don’t forget to hit “Save Settings” when you’re finished.

Some tips:

  • Don’t make your titles too long. They should be accurate, concise descriptions of the page’s content. Google will only show up to about 70 characters.
  • You can use text along with the dynamic variables, for example: {{property_type}} in {{subdivision}} – {{address}}, {{city}}, {{state}} {{zip}} This would read something like: Single Family home in Bridgemill – 1131 Fairburn Court, Atlanta, GA 30319


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