What kinds of widgets can I add to my site?

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You’ll find a full list of the available widgets and their shortcodes below. Adding these to your site is easy. While in your WordPress Admin, simply choose the page or blog post where you’d like to display the widget, type the shortcode, and hit "Update."

Search Widgets

Many agents put a search widget on their home page. Adding one of these will show your visitors a search form without any results, similar to this one:

Search widgets are available in a variety of widths so that they will look beautiful whether they’re in a sidebar, blog post, or header. To insert a search widget, use these shortcodes:
Sidebar Search Widget (230px wide) - [showcaseidx_widget_230]
Blog post Search Widget (465px wide) - [showcaseidx_widget_465]
Header Search Widget (700px wide) - [showcaseidx_widget_700]
Header Search Widget (930px wide) - [showcaseidx_widget_930] 

For a more basic look with fewer search options, use shortcode:[showcaseidx_widget_omnibox].

This widget will look like this: Contact Widget

This widget lets easily you add a contact form anywhere on your site. When a visitor fills out the form, you’ll immediately receive an email and the message will also be available from your Agent Dashboard. It looks like this:

To insert a contact form, use this shortcode below. HOWEVER this shortcode must be placed on a page with no other widgets or else it will break the other widgets. If you place in your footer, on pages with hotsheets, etc., this will break those pages.


Registration Form Widget

This widget lets easily you add a registration form anywhere on your site. The default version looks like the one below, but if you’d prefer, you can also add name and phone number fields. Settings available from your Agent Dashboard allow you to add these fields and decide if they are optional or required.

To insert a registration form, use this shortcode:

Featured Properties Widgets

These attractive slideshow widgets are a simple way to feature properties on your website. The widget will cycle through up to 20 properties, changing every five seconds. Better yet, it will automatically adjust to fill the area where you place it — whether it’s a narrow sidebar or full-width page.

Once you’ve created your first hotsheet, you can use this widget by simply inserting the name of your hotsheet into this shortcode
[showcaseidx_widget_slideshow name="hotsheet_name"]


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