How do I customize my default search?

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Changing your Default Search will automatically change the look and results of your site’s main search page as well as any Showcase IDX widgets you have embedded on your site. Set it up however you’d like. You can customize everything from price and number of bedrooms to the position of the map, type of result sorting, and the appearance of results.

Start by making sure you are signed in. If you’re not, go to any search page on your site, click “Sign in,” and enter the credentials that we sent you in your welcome email.

Then, simply set up your search:

  • Choose the price, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and any other search parameters that you want.
  • Move the map and zoom in/out until it’s centered where you want it. (Tip: For your Default Search, move the map manually rather than typing a location in the search box. That way, your site’s visitors still have an empty search box to type in if they want to change the location.)
  • Use the drop-down menu underneath the map to choose how you’d like the results to be sorted. You can choose to sort by square footage, price, year built, listing date, number of bedrooms, or number of bathrooms.
  • Use the second drop-down menu under the map to choose whether you’d like results shown in a list (with more detail about each) or as thumbnails (with more listings visible at a glance).

When you have everything looking how you want it, simply click “Save as Hotsheet” under the map. Name the hotsheet “Default” with a capital “D” and your search forms will automatically be updated to your new settings!



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