How do I control which areas are used for my site's search?

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In your settings, you can customize the areas that are used for your searches. Enter a neighborhood, city, ZIP code, or other area-specific term into the top box then choose whether you want to include or exclude that area.

You could, for example, put “Decatur, GA” in the box then choose “Only Include Listings in Above Locations” in the drop-down menu below. Alternately, you could choose one or more locations that you do not want to appear in your search then change the drop-down menu to “Exclude Listings in Above Locations.” This is especially helpful if your MLS covers more than one state but you are only a member of one state’s board. This setting makes it easy to exclude areas in your MLS that you don’t service.

Service Area

You also have the option to leave rentals, non-active listings, or listings below a certain price point out of your site’s search results. Simply choose your preferences in this section and hit “Save Settings” at the bottom of the page.

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