Where do I customize the emails that prospects receive from me?

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Users will receive a welcome email from your email address when they register on your site. In your settings, you can edit the default text to create a personalized message for prospective clients. Feel free to use simple HTML code in this field.

They will also receive emails when there are new results for their saved searches. Use the drop-down menu in this section of your settings to decide whether that email will be sent daily or weekly. (They will only receive the daily email if there are new results for them.) You can also customize the message, subject line, from name, and from address for these emails.

Lastly, you have the option to be BCC’d when these emails are sent so that you can see exactly what is going out to your registered users. These tools ensure that every communication with leads fits your brand and goals.

Email Settings

Below is an example of an email sent to a client about new results for their saved searches. You can see that your customized message will appear right below your name and website:


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