How can I use Google Analytics to track conversions on my site?

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To track IDX lead conversions through Google Analytics, you’ll need to go through a short set-up process that tells Google Analytics which user actions we consider to be conversions. For this, we’ll count new messages and new registrations as conversions. Here’s how to set up tracking of these events through Google Analytics:

First, go to the Admin tab at the top of your Google Analytics page.


Under the “View” column on the right side, select “Goals.”

Goals menu

Click the red “+ NEW GOAL” button. You can’t miss it.


First, we will set up a goal that tells Google to count new registrations as conversions. Then, we’ll repeat the process to tell it to track new messages as conversions.

Under “Goal setup,” you’ll see “Create an account” under the “ACQUISITION” heading. Click it then click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.


In the “Goal description” field, type “New Registration.” Ignore the “Goal slot ID.” Under “Type,” select “Event.”

Goal part 2

In the next section, type “ShowcaseIDX” (No space between Showcase and IDX) into the Category field and “New Registration” into the Action field, then hit “Save.”

Goal Step 3

Your goal has been created and Google Analytics will start tracking it.

New Registration GoalYou need to repeat this process one more time to create a “New Message” goal. To do this, click the red “+NEW GOAL” button again and repeat the instructions above exactly until you get to the second section where you enter the name of your goal description. This time around, instead of naming it “New Registration,” call it “New Message.” Continue following the directions above until you get to the third section where you entered “New Registration” in the “Action” field. This time around, enter “New Message” instead.

Once both goals have been set up, you can see your results any time. Choose “Conversions,” then “Goals,” then “Overview” in the left-hand menu of Google Analytics. You’re now tracking your leads in Google Analytics!

Finding goal analytics

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