What does the SEO Service Area tool do?

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The SEO Service Area tool lets the plugin know which areas you service. Listings in the areas you choose will be added to your site maps and will be indexed by search engines. Listings in other areas will not. Why does that matter? The prevailing opinion among SEO experts is that less is more. Indexing listing pages that are not relevant to the market and content that your website focuses on can significantly hurt your site’s authority and ability to rank highly. With this tool, you’ll only show search engines the listings that are relevant to your site.  

You can list cities, counties, ZIP codes, buildings, and neighborhoods in the box. You can be as specific as you’d like to be. Ideally, you should select the area that represents your ideal market, then give a few miles of extra leeway. You can leave this box empty to have the search engines index all listings in your MLS, but this is not recommended.

(Note: These SEO Service Area settings are not the same thing as the Search Service Area settings. Those are used to determine which listings come up when users search on your site. This is used to determine which listings are indexed by search engines.)

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