Why should I customize my URLs, page titles, descriptions, and keywords?

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Showcase IDX provides some easy-to-use variables that can help you customize your URL and other SEO-related elements. You can use these to add information such as a listing’s city, state, county, or subdivision to a page’s title, URL, description, or keywords. You do not have to customize in this way, but doing so can help differentiate your site from others.

Customizing your URLs, page titles, page descriptions, and keywords can help make your pages more attractive to both search engines and human readers. There are dozens of schools of thought on best SEO practices for these elements, and it never hurts to read up on the latest theories. In the interest of simplicity though, this section of your Showcase IDX SEO Guide will give you some universally accepted tips to get you and your site on the right track with minimal effort.

 If you’d like to learn more about SEO best practices, The Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is a fantastic and thorough resource that does a great job of explaining SEO terms and jargon.

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