How do I change the URL structure of my listing pages? And what should I use?

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Showcase IDX lets you decide exactly how the URLs (aka permalinks) for your indexable listing pages will look. By default, the URL for listing pages uses the {{city}}/{{subdivision}}/{{address}}/{{mls_number}} tags, which means your URLs will look something like this:

 To change this, go to the Settings Page of your Agent Dashboard and scroll down to the “Listing Page URL Structure” section. Simply use the variables listed above to create the URL you want to use for all of your indexable listing pages. Don’t forget to hit “Save Settings” when you’re finished. 

A few tips:

  • Don’t go overboard and try to add every variable to your URL. Trying to stuff an unreasonable number of keywords into your URL can actually hurt your search engine rankings and make your site look spammy. Keep it simple, relevant, and compelling.
  • You can use regular text in your URLs along with dynamic variables, for example: {{property_type}}-in-{{city}}/{{subdivision}}/{{address}}/{{mls_number}}, which would end up looking a bit like this: townhouse-in-atlanta/edgewood/321+manny+road/1234215.
  • Do not leave spaces between elements.
  • You shouldn’t change this after it is set up because doing so would break the existing links, create 404 errors, and force search engines to have to reindex them. It’s not the end of the world, but things could look broken for a little while. It’s best to think through how you want your URLs to look and to set them right the first time. 

(Note: Because Showcase IDX is JavaScript-based, you might notice that the standard URL will have extra information at the end of it. That is nothing to worry about. Showcase uses a combination of “noindex” versions of the page and canonical URLs — two advanced SEO concepts — to ensure that search engines see and link to the optimized versions of your site. These optimized versions will show up in search engines.)


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