How do I change my page descriptions? And what should I use?

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Descriptions are important because, in many cases, they are what Google displays as a snippet when people search for listings. In many cases? Not always? Right. Google is intentionally mysterious about its methods and notes that if another section of your page’s text does a better job of matching up with a user’s query, that section could be shown instead of your description.

Go to the Settings Page of your Agent Dashboard and scroll down to the “Listing Page Description Structure” section to make changes. Use the variables listed to create the description you want to use for all of your indexable listing pages. Don’t forget to hit “Save Settings” when you’re finished.

Some tips:

  • A lot of agents simply use the {{description}} field from the MLS record here. While this is good, it is also what almost everyone else uses, so it won’t really help distinguish your content from that of other agents in your market with the same listings. Add something that makes your site unique.
  • We recommend making a description template that uses both static and dynamic elements to create a new description that’s readable and makes sense. Think about it from the perspective of someone doing a search. What would you like to see? An example of a good description template could be something like this:
    Currently {{status}}, {{property_type}} in {{subdivision}} for {{price}}. View full details about this {{city}} home and find other similar nearby homes.
    When filled in, that would look something like: Currently active, single family home in Bridgemill for $550,000. View full details about this Atlanta home and find other similar nearby homes.
  • It’s best to keep the description relatively short. Most search engines truncate at 160 characters and, again, attempting to stuff an unreasonable number of keywords into the description can hurt search engine rankings and make your site appear spammy.


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