How do I add keyword meta tags? And what should I use?

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Showcase IDX allows you to customize the structure of the keywords used for your indexable listing pages. There was a time when keyword meta tags were extremely important in SEO page ranking. Although they are given less weight these days (search engines care more about relevant keywords found within the content itself), it is still worth taking a moment to customize them. Scroll down to the “Listing Page Keywords Structure” section in your Agent Dashboard Settings to do this. Don’t forget to hit “Save Settings” when you’re finished.


  • Separate keywords with commas.
  • You can use both static and dynamic elements, but be sure to only use keywords that are relevant to that page. If you add static keywords, ensure that they are broad enough to apply to all listings because they will be on every listings page.
  • Less is more. Don’t pack in every keyword you can think of. Try to stay under about 160 characters.
  • Don’t use the {{description}} tag in the keywords. It’s much too long.
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