Search Settings - Default Search Display and Data Feed Restrictions

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You can control the default search page of your website if you have Admin-level permissions on your account.  This includes limiting the available search areas, adjusting the initial default search map, and choosing what types of listings you wish to display on your website. Read this article for more information about the default search page.

This can be found in your IDX Control panel, under the Settings tab > SEARCH.


Warning: This settings page is incredibly powerful. Please proceed with caution when making any changes to this page as it will greatly affect the listings shown on your website.


Video Tutorial

View a video tutorial for this page.

Consumer-Facing Search Interface

The first item to update is the search experience you would like your leads to have by choosing the search form.  Showcase IDX offers you two different styles of home search: Streamlined or Advanced


In choosing between the two search forms, you'll notice the Default Search Appearance below this section changes based on your selection:

Streamlined Search Form

This search form has a lot of filters that someone might use when looking for a home. The filters are under a MORE button that contains 'Listing Activity' (For Sale, For Rent, search by MLS ID, days online, open houses, etc), 'Must Have Amenities' and 'Property Type' filters (including lot size, year built, school district, etc). This is also the search form used just for the left-side map display!



If you are using more than one MLS feed on your website: we recommend using the Streamlined Search Form. We have optimized the Streamlined search for your clients searching on your website on mobile and across different MLSs to pull all relevant listings. 

For example, selecting the waterfront amenity will ensure that homes with a type of waterfront are shown in the search and this will pull in listings from each of your MLS feeds.


Advanced Search Form

This search form has most of the same filters that the Streamlined search form has- but also has more specific filters found separated under buckets like General, Interior, Exterior, and Community Features. The filters depend on what the MLS provides to us.


The Advanced Search form cannot be used with the side-by-side map display.


If you are using only a single MLS: this can be a great version of the search to try. This Advanced Search may allow us to integrate a few additional search features depending on the data available from your MLS.

You can still select this search type if using multiple MLSs but may not have certain MLS-specific data available for every market.

Default Search Appearance

The default search appearance can be configured either as a top map view or a left-side map view as shown in the example images. The left-side map view will be the default setting unless updated.

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 10.34.03 AM.png

The left-side map view is designed to be full-width on your website. It should be noted that the container that you placed the shortcode for the default search page into may not allow the search to display full width. In this case, you will need to adjust your page settings. For example, Elementor has an option to update a section within a page to be full-width so you would want to select this. 


Below this section is a search and map. This section allows you to provide an initial search for your consumers as a jumping-off point. You can have this search defined by location and/or any of the other available filters.  Consumers can always reset these filters to conduct their own searches.

Choices made here do not apply site-wide restrictions to only these parameters. If you do want site-wide restrictions, you can apply these under Search Restrictions.


You may want to use a polygon search in the Default Search Appearance map if you are attempting to limit listings in the search results to a specific area but still want consumers to search other areas.

Results Sorting & Results Type

You can also change the sorting of search results by adjusting the Results Sorting section under the map. 

  • Sort By: Days Online, Year Built, Lot Size, Square Feet, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Price Change, Price or Map Center
  • Sort Direction: Ascending or Descending
  • Results Type: Grid or List format


Changing the results sorting not only re-orders the listings in the results but also changes the way the listings look on the map. 

Search Restrictions

In addition to the Default Search Results appearance, you can also include site-wide search restrictions using the Search Restrictions section:


USE CAUTION WHEN USING SEARCH RESTRICTIONS For example, if you use location filtering to choose a specific city, no listings from any other city will display in the results on the website.

When filtering location, only use one type of location. That means only use Cities if you start with Cities. Don't then add counties or subdivisions. The search will not work if you do this.

Additionally, this applies to any of the other filters chosen in this section: sale price filters, sale type filters, listing type filters property type filters, and status type filters.

Location Filtering

The Location filters really should only be used if you have a limited search area (such as counties or zip codes) and do not want any other listings from anywhere else to show on your site.

Location filtering options are very powerful and do not take into account variations of location names in certain MLS feeds.

For example, city names with the "Fort" prefix may be in the MLS under a variety of names - Ft. Jones, Fort Jones, FT Jones, Ft Jones, therefore you would want to select each variation.

Additional Filtering

Sale Price, Sale Type, Listing Type, Property Type, and Status filters can give you finite control over what types of listings are displayed on your site. 

  • Only deal with high-end real estate?  Use the Sale Price filter to enter pricing restrictions on your site.
  • Don't deal with rental properties?  Uncheck the "For Rent" Sale Type Filter and all rentals will disappear off your site and will NOT be indexed by Google.
  • Don't want to display commercial data?  Uncheck the Commercial Property Type Filter to remove them from your site.