I'm on a yearly plan, how do the add-ons work?

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We offer a very nice discount if you sign up for a yearly plan. On Essentials, you get $149.90 worth of savings. On Premium, it's $244.40. Essentially, you are paying for 10 months instead of 12 months. All of your add-ons (additional websites, additional users, pass-thru fees) will be charged along with your yearly plan.

If you've paid for your year already and add a website, more users or another MLS with a pass-thru fee at any time after your yearly payment has been processed, the amount of time you used that add-on for the prepaid year will be added to your bill the following year, plus the charge for that product for the following year.


You subscribed to the Essentials yearly plan and paid $749 on Oct 1, 2020. 
On Dec 1, you added a second website. ($35/mo x 10 months = $350)
$350 will be added to your bill on Oct 1, 2021, to cover this product from the previous year.
You will also be charged the full amount for this product for the year ahead, $420.
Your total bill on Oct 1, 2021 would be $1519.
If you have no more add-ons in 2021, your 2022 bill would be $1169.

Before you activate your subscription inside your admin, we outline exactly what your charges will be so nothing is a surprise. 

If you ever have any questions about your bill, please reach out to us, help@showcaseidx.com