Setup Follow Up Boss Premium Integration

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Lead Assignment

Review the Showcase IDX Lead Routing settings first. If you plan on routing leads to agents on your team, there are two ways you could do this, but there are caveats to both ways.

1. Let Follow Up Boss route the leads for you. To do this, remove the assignee from the Showcase IDX lead routing. This will mark all leads in Showcase IDX as "unassigned" and Follow Up Boss routing will take over and route the leads in Follow Up Boss.

The issue with this way is the leads will be unassigned in Showcase IDX, meaning, if an agent wants to then send a search or listing recommendation to their lead, the lead in Showcase IDX would need to be manually assigned to the agent, potentially causing double work for you.

2. Use Showcase IDX Round Robin lead routing. Set the lead routing to Round Robin for each lead source in Showcase IDX and select the agents in your roster to be included in lead routing. Leads will be assigned to agents in Showcase IDX and Follow Up Boss will assign the leads in their system to the same agent! This would mean that you are allowing lead assignment to be handled by Showcase IDX instead of Follow Up Boss.


1. Your name and email address MUST match EXACTLY in Showcase IDX and Follow Up Boss or the integration WILL NOT work. Make sure they're the same! This includes spaces, accents and any special characters. You can also alter your Showcase IDX user name as described here. This applies to every user on your Showcase IDX account as well. (Example: your lead routing name and email in SIDX is Jane Doe, and your email in FUB is Jane A Doe The integration will not work.) 

2. If there is an extra space in your user name in Showcase IDX (like between your first and last name, or after your last name), the integration WILL NOT work. Remove the extra space(s) save and try a test lead to see if it goes through!


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