RealSynch Integrations (Premium Feature)

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Showcase IDX partners with RealSynch to bring you a host of integrations available to premium account holders. The integrations are fairly straight-forward and will allow you to connect Showcase IDX to a variety of 3rd party CRMs and Apps.

To start, ensure you have created an account with RealSynch and have access to your RealSynch dashboard. You can get more information from the RealSynch FAQ.

In a new browser tab, login to your IDX control panel at, and then click the "Integrations" tab located in the top menu of the dashboard.


Certain CRMs that use RealSynch have specific integrations available and clearly say "via Real Synch" next to them where appropriate.

Before we go too far with this page, we want to prepare our CRM and RealSynch itself for the process.

Login to your RealSynch dashboard in a new tab. You should be greeted by the following dashboard:


Let's begin by clicking the yellow "Add New Synch" button at the top right.

You should be greeted with the "Source" selection screen, which displays a number of RealSynch's partner apps. The "Source" is where your leads are generated; typically this will be your Showcase IDX plugin or website. On this screen you should select the "SIDX" option:


The next screen will be your "Target" application. For this example, we'll be using the popular Wise Agent CRM. Select whichever CRM you are using for your own integration from this page. Once selected, you should be taken to the API input/verification screen, which looks like this:


Now that we have our source and target selected, it's time to implement the API keys. To do that, click the "Input" button on the SIDX card first to get the API Key modal (as seen below). Once the modal appears, click the "Generate API Key" button to generate a new API key for Showcase IDX to use. Make sure to copy this API key!


Now that we have copied our API key from the RealSynch modal, we need to navigate back to the Showcase IDX Integrations page and click the green "add" button next to the WiseAgent integration. This will take us to the Integration Detail page, where we will add the API key we just generated:


Make sure to name your integration for ease of access, and then select the Integration Level:

  • ACCOUNT level will include ALL leads generated by ALL websites under your account
  • WEBSITE level will allow you to choose a specific website from within your team for this integration
  • USER level will only route leads that would otherwise be assigned to a specific member of your team!  This is great for agents who have multiple team members that may each have their own CRM

Once you have selected your Integration Level, you should choose which Showcase IDX actions you want to create events for. Real Synch supports many different user actions, although some CRM's may not support all of these. Choose which ones you want from the available checkboxes, and when you are done click the big, blue SAVE button at the bottom.

Now that we have our Showcase level integration finished, it's time to integrate Real Synch with our chosen CRM. Navigate back to the RealSynch integration setup and let's connect WiseAgent to RealSynch.

First, log in to your CRM of choice.  In this case, we are logged into our WiseAgent account. In your CRM dashboard, look for menu items with names like "Integrations", "API", "3rd Party Integrations", etc: you are looking for the API key for your CRM. Below is a picture of where the API keys for Wise Agent are located:


We need to copy that API key, so highlight and copy it now.

Once you have copied your CRM API key, head back to the RealSynch page and click the grey "Input" button on the CRM box to the right of the SIDX box. A modal should pop up with a place to input the API key you have copied. If you pasted a correct API key that is not already in use, it should show you a "Verified" message immediately. Once you see that message, you can click close:


You're almost there! All that's left now is to review the integration information on the next page and click the "Activate" button on RealSynch. Your leads should now route correctly to your connected CRM.

That's it! You have now connected your CRM to Showcase IDX vis RealSynch! The process should be about the same for any of the supported CRMs available on RealSynch but check with your CRM to locate their API and instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at