General Settings

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As a new subscriber to Showcase IDX, one of the first items you will want to update is your basic IDX settings.  This can be found in your IDX Control panel, under the Settings tab > GENERAL

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Video Tutorial

You can also find more information and a video tutorial of these instructions!

General Settings

If you have Admin-level permissions on your account, in General Settings, you can add your company's logo, edit your site title/website name, and add a contact phone number and email address!




The logo that you add here will display on any emails that we send your leads, like the one they receive when they sign up, or the property update emails if they are subscribed to a search.

To change/add a logo: either drag and drop your logo over the Upload File icon or click the Upload File icon to insert your logo.  Then, click "save changes."  

The logo must be either .png, .jpeg or .jpg. We will resize the image uploaded here so that it is no more than 500px x 500px.

Here is an example of what that might look like:



Site Title / Website Name

When you first log in, you will notice your website name as "Jane Doe's First Website." This is the initial site license we've provided for you to install your plugin. This Site Title will show up in the emails that we send your leads, so we do recommend changing it- be sure that it's relevant to your business so they know who's contacting them! 

To change your Site Title: simply edit the Site Title field. Then, click "save changes."  

Here's an example of how the Site Title will display for your customers:



Display Phone Number

The number entered in this section will appear on a listing page under the call to action functions (Ask a Question and Schedule a Tour), giving your clients a way to reach you. 

To change your Phone Number: simply edit the phone number field. Then, click "save changes."  

On a listing detail page, your phone number will be displayed here:



The Phone Number will also appear on the mobile display. On mobile, there will be a Call Now call to action function in the same area:



Display Email Address

This email address will display on the contact form. 

To change your Email Address: simply edit the Email Address field. Then, click "save changes."