Listing Navigation: Previous, Next, Back to Results bar

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When you review a listing detail page, you may notice the top navigation shows the number of results as well as the Back to Results, Previous, and Next functions. This navigation will appear when viewing a property from the default search, not from a hotsheet or via a link clicked from social media.



Place the desired code(s) in the Custom CSS box under Settings > Design. You must clear your caches, then check your web page in an incognito browser to see the change!

Customization Options

  • *To change the 'Back to Results' link color:
    .sidx-container .sidx-searchform .sidx-basic .sidx-field {
    background: #hexcode !important;

  • *To change the background color:
    .sidx-container .sidx-listing-details .sidx-top-level-nav {
    background: #hexcode !important;

  • *To change the 'Previous' and 'Next' navigation font color (these share the same code):
    .sidx-container .sidx-listing-details .sidx-top-level-nav a {
    color: #hexcode !important;


Warning: Showcase IDX may make future updates to the product which may break previously acceptable CSS code, causing that section on your website to look unusual.  If you've noticed your site not looking as expected, please return to this article for the updated CSS code.

If you are inexperienced with CSS, we suggest you turn to your developer as they will be the best contact person for CSS related questions and concerns.  We are not developers and provide this baseline CSS for agents and developers experienced in coding.