Plans & Pricing - Comparing Essentials vs Premium

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Showcase has two plans to choose from: the Essentials plan and the Premium plan. 

When evaluating your needs, you may wish to consider a few things to help you determine which plan is right for you: do you want your listings on top of every search? Do you plan on integrating with a 3rd party CRM (like Follow Up Boss or LionDesk)?  Are you looking for more modern map styles?  Is lead routing important to you?  If so, then the Premium plan may be best suited for you!

The Premium plan also boasts more content displayed on each listing detail page, so what your leads can see will differ but both plans have access to the same search subscriptions and listing recommendations for your leads.  All of our features can be found here!

If you are trialing our product, you are trialing the Premium plan.  When you're ready to activate your own account, you will need to choose between the Essentials and Premium plans.

Essentials Plan Features

Essentials has a lot of really great features. The entire list comparing Essentials to Premium can be found here, but here are just a few highlights to compare:

  • Live MLS Data Feed, which updates within 15 minutes for most MLSs (because that's what it's all about!)
  • Phone, Email, and Chat support: don't worry, we're here to help!
  • SEO Optimization Tools
  • Customizable Colors, Fonts, and Designs
  • Indexable XML Sitemap
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • HTTPS & SSL Compliant
  • Basic CRM
  • Polygon Map Search
  • Additional Map Styles
  • Left Side Map Display
  • And so much more!!

Premium Plan Features

The Premium plan boasts everything in the Essential plan, as well as these additional features:

  • Enhanced pagination of listings - listings beyond the first 100 results on your default search page will be visible to Google when your website is crawled
  • More free users (5, instead of 2 with Essentials)- users that can access and potentially be included in the lead routing
  • Exclude locations from the search - if you do not want specific locations to be searchable on your website, you can exclude them under Settings > Search, under Search Restrictions
  • Premium Listing Content - displays on the individual listing pages, includes demographic content based around the zipcode of the property (shown below)
  • Premium Listing Content lock as well as search results lock (registration settings)- locks the premium content and requires users to sign up to see content
  • Registration form customization customize the header and value text on the signup form, as well as toggle on or off the social account options
  • Hide the advanced search options ability - a setting to remove the advanced search on your website, found under Settings > Display
  • Featuring your agent and office listings at the top of any search on your website - pushes the listings associated with your agent or office ID (which is associated with your user) to the top of any search a user does on the site, and hotsheets, and displays with a featured banner (Settings > Display)
  • Round-robin lead routing settings (great for larger teams) - distribution of leads throughout the team roster/users
  • Real-time integrations to 3rd party CRMs like LionDesk, Follow Up Boss, Slack Messaging, and Prospect Converter - if you would like to connect our product to a 3rd party CRM for your leads to be routed to that CRM, you can do so here)

How Listings Look by Plan

Here are side-by-side comparisons of what your listing detail page looks like depending on the plan you choose.

Click the image to see multiple examples!

Essentials vs. Premium

Plan Pricing & Billing

Now, let's talk about some pricing considerations!  We offer two different billing frequencies for your subscription: monthly or yearly.

There is a discount if you sign up for a yearly plan.  All of your add-ons (additional websites, additional users, pass-thru fees) will be charged along with your yearly plan.

Essentials (includes 2 free users) Monthly Yearly

1 website license*


($169.92 savings!)

Each additional website* $35/mo $420/yr
Additional users (tiered, See User Pricing) $4/mo/user $48/yr/user
Premium (includes 5 free users) Monthly Yearly

1 website license*


($244.40 savings!)

Each additional website* $55/mo $660/yr
Additional users (tiered, See User Pricing) $4/mo/user $48/yr/user

*Plus any MLS Pass-thru fees would apply per website license

Please be sure to review our cancellation and refund policy prior to choosing a billing frequency.

Plan Changes/Add-ons for Billing

Should you choose to change your plan in the midst of a billing cycle, your next invoice will reflect the change and automatically adjust itself to reflect any prorated amount from the bill paid the previous month.

If you're on yearly billing and change your plan, add a website, more users, or another MLS with a pass-thru fee at any time after your yearly payment has been processed, the amount of time you used that add-on for the prepaid year will be added to your bill the following year, plus the charge for that product for the upcoming year.

Is this a Long-Term Contract?

There is no set-term contract when you use Showcase IDX, other than agreeing to our Terms of Service.  It is important to note that we are a subscription-based product.  You are opting into recurring payments that will continue to renew and authorize us to regularly draw your subscription price until you cancel your account. Please be sure to review our cancellation and refund policy as we do not offer refunds.

Which MLS's Get Premium Listing Content?

We receive the Premium Content for almost all of our MLS's, which the exception of the feed we have in Canada, CREA.  We do not receive school information (name of school or district) or our premium listing data content.  Our CREA customers can however still use our other great Premium features- such as the left-side map display, registration settings, etc.


Still not sure?  We recommend signing up for our free trial, which has all of the awesome Premium content unlocked for you to try!  You can also view our IDX Product demo online!