Search Subscriptions

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Your clients, when visiting your website, can conduct a search on your main search page. They have plenty of search filters to choose from to find their dream home, from location to price to open houses and so much more!


On your main search page, after entering just 1 piece of criteria, your clients can use the "save search" function to subscribe to a search and receive updates on listings via email.




Clicking on the Save Search button populates a pop-up form on the page that prompts them to name their search relevant to their criteria and decide on the email schedule they would prefer. The options include Instant, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Never.



As demonstrated above, if the lead has not registered on the site before, we would prompt them to sign up. If they did register and are not logged into their accounts, they would need to sign in to continue with saving the search. Otherwise, if they are logged in, they can subscribe instantly.


When exactly do these emails trigger? The emails will only trigger if there are updates, of course. An update could be a new listing, a price increase or decrease, or a change in status.

Daily is once a day.
Weekly is once a week. 
Monthly is once a month.
Instant is once an hour.



If a lead wanted to make a change to their subscription themselves, they can do so by navigating to their Searches in their dashboard on your website. From here, they can perform a few tasks like instantly change their email frequency to receive more or fewer emails, generate a link to share the search with someone, or delete their search.



If a lead wants to edit the criteria of the search, they can click on the name of the search to begin. This function navigates them to the main search page with the criteria of the search loaded into it. From here, they can change the criteria to their liking with the available filters. They can save the edits to the existing search or save the edits as a brand new search subscription. Once a search subscription has been created, a lead will simply need to wait for an update.


Leads will receive an email from, with the subject line you set under the Email settings in your admin. These emails can be branded if you uploaded a logo to your General Settings also. The below image is an example of what this email looks like.





If the lead doesn't want to see the listings that are not in Active status in the search, they would filter the search by status to only include the statuses you want to show, like Active.