Duplicating / Copying Website Settings and Hotsheets to Another Website on My Account

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If you've added another live website to your account and would like use the same website settings, searches and hotsheets as your first website, the Support Team has the ability to do a one-time duplication (or copy) of data to your second website. 

This is a great option if you built your account from a development site to the main site or if your team has many agents in a particular area, or demographic, you may want to duplicate hotsheets from your demo account to a live team account. You can simply update the locations in the live account and not need to recreate tons of hotsheets. 

How Does the Duplication Work?

This would be a one-time duplication, any subsequent changes would need to be manually made to both sites.  We do not have a continuous duplication option for the sites to mirror one another.  

The first (the “copied from”) site will remain unchanged. This data duplication will overwrite the existing IDX settings of the second (the “copied to”) site. Any hotsheets previously created on the “copied to” site will still exist.

This duplication cannot be undone.

What Can be Copied?

Settings, saved searches and hotsheets will be copied over.  Leads will not be copied.

      • All Settings:   
        • General Settings
        • Privacy Settings
        • Email Settings
        • Search Settings
        • Registration Settings
        • SEO Settings
        • Design Settings
        • Display Settings
        • Lead Routing
      • All Searches

      • All Hotsheets

Any existing hotsheets with the same name on the website that you are copying to will be deleted.

How Can I Get My Data Duplicated?

The Showcase Support Team can do this for you.  Please reach out via chat or email to help@showcaseidx.com and specify which site you want the information copied from and which site you'd like it copied to.