Submitting your IDX Sitemap

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Showcase IDX provides you with a sitemap for your IDX listing pages. The listings pages are dynamically generated by the plugin. If you want Google to see these listing pages, you need to submit your sitemap for Google to crawl it.

So, how do you that exactly? First, you need to set up a Google Search Console account

Set Up Google Search Console

This article goes into great detail about setting up Google Search Console (GSC) and why you need it in the first place. We suggest starting here if you haven't set up a GSC account. If you do have a GSC account, you can move forward. 

Finding Your Sitemap

Your IDX sitemap can be found under your SEO settings in your IDX Control Panel. Screen_Shot_2022-06-22_at_2.40.40_PM.png

The sitemap will display the URL that the IDX plugin is currently installed on. If your sitemap shows on a staging URL or a URL that you were testing with, you should uninstall the plugin and reinstall it on the correct URL. 

Submit Your Sitemap

When you're happy with the look of the sitemap, you can now add the sitemap to GSC. In your Search Console, navigate to Sitemaps in the left side menu. You only need to submit the end of the URL, not the domain portion. In this case, we would add /home-search/xmlsitemap to the highlighted section in the image below. Google will verify that the sitemap can be found and read. It may take some time before your sitemap is crawled.

Once a sitemap has been submitted, you do not need to resubmit it unless the location URL for the sitemap changes. We don't recommend changing the URL of your IDX often.



Learn more about the sitemap here!