Lead Routing Settings

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Showcase IDX provides tools to route your leads and messages to the appropriate person on your team.  This is especially useful if you have a specific agent dedicated to tour requests, for example, or if you prefer to have a single person handle all incoming leads. 

This can be found in your IDX Control panel, under the Settings tab > LEAD ROUTING

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Video Tutorial

You can also find more information and a video tutorial of these instructions.

Lead Sources

Showcase offers 9 sources of lead generation, all of which can be directed to different members of your team to ensure the most efficient use of everyone's time.
Each Lead Source corresponds to a widget or function on your website. Be sure the "Send to Agent" is toggled on in order to receive notifications about incoming leads. 


  • On a listing detail page, there are two call-to-action buttons 'Ask a Question' and 'Schedule a Tour' to the left of the listing photo.  These buttons on the listing detail page correspond to the 'Listing: Request Info' and 'Listing: Request Tour' lead routing sources.

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  • The Contact Form widget is located in your IDX Control Panel, under Settings > Shortcodes. When a user fills out the form and submits it, you will get an e-mail with the contents of the widget, allowing you the ability to quickly follow up with your user's questions.
    Simply add the shortcode to your WordPress site to add a quick lead source.


  • The Market Value widget (aka Home Value widget) can also produce lead info. Simply add the shortcode found in your IDX Control Panel Settings > Shortcodes to your WordPress site and it can serve as an additional lead source.
    Leads who fill out this form are labeled as a Seller. You may want to route Seller leads to a specific person on your team who is a Seller's Agent.


  • A Website Registration happens when a lead fills out the sign up/sign in form. This form can be added to your website on a specific page(s). Simply add the shortcode found in your IDX Control Panel Settings > Shortcodes to a page on your WordPress site.
    This same form also populates, by default, when site visitors click on different features, such as saving a listing, saving a search, etc. You can control the automated popups of this form using the Registration Settings


  • Leads can register by sending a message through your website via the Friends & Family comment section. They can comment privately or make an agent visible comment that sends the assigned agent a message via email.


  • Leads are able to react (with emojis) to a listing when looking at a group of listings (like from a search, or a hotsheet) or while looking at a single listing detail page. If they haven't registered before, they'll be prompted to register.

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  • Saving a listing when looking at a group of listings (like from a search, or a hotsheet) or while looking at a single listing detail page. If they haven't registered before, they'll be prompted to register.


  • Similar to how the saved listing registration works, whenever a website visitor saves a search, they will be prompted to register as a lead.


Routing Type

There are two routing types to choose from:


Manual routing is simple. You choose the user on the account you want leads to be assigned to for that particulate lead source.

Round Robin (Premium Feature)

Available to Premium plan subscribers only, the Round Robin lead routing option is a random assignment and depends on who is selected for the roster.


Each lead source should have something inputted into the assignee area. This determines who the leads will be assigned to. If you leave the assignee blank, leads will be marked as unassigned in the lead dashboard, and no user on the account will get a lead notification email.

Send to Agent

The 'send to agent' toggle turns on or off the new lead notification emails. 

Distribution Settings


Within these settings, you have 3 options:

  • Choose a master email account to receive copies of every lead action you have enabled.  This is useful for brokers and team leaders or for distribution via 3rd party apps that are not directly integrated into Showcase (your CRM might provide a special email address for lead routing purposes).
  • Allow members of the same search party to be assigned to different agents toggle allows you to have individually assigned leads interdependent of their search party options; useful if you want to have multiple team members servicing people
  • Do not consider the listing agent when assigning leads toggle will force ALL lead routing to follow the rules you outline.  The default is that any lead generated from a listing that has an agent ID that matches an agent on your team (the agent's ID needs to be added to their user) will have the lead routed to that agent.  Toggling this on disables this behavior.

Round Robin Roster

Premium plan subscribers will have access to the "Round Robin" lead routing setting, which is useful for teams of agents with equal responsibility.  When this routing type is turned on, leads will be assigned randomly to the agents selected in the round robin roster.