"Use my current location" on mobile devices is not functioning

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Showcase IDX uses geolocation technology to offer consumers the ability to use their location to find properties near where they are. There are two reasons why this user-friendly mobile tool could fail, which are easy to resolve.

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Confirm Your SSL Certificate

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a vital component of web security. It serves as a digital authentication tool for websites, ensuring that users' data remains confidential during transmission. Commonly employed on e-commerce platforms and any pages where personal information is collected, such as names, emails, and credit card details, SSL certificates establish encrypted connections, safeguarding sensitive data from potential cyber threats.

When reviewing your website on desktop, in the address bar, you should see an icon (most commonly, a lock) right before your domain. You should also be able to see this on your mobile device.

The lock indicates that your website has an SSL and is secure. 

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If your website is not secure with an SSL certificate, the "Use My Location" feature will not work because providing a location on an unsecure website is a privacy concern. Browsers will typically tell you if the site is not secure, as shown below:


Click on the icon to see additional information, which will show you that information about the connection whether the Certificate is valid or not.

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Obtaining an SSL Certificate

Obtaining an SSL certificate can be achieved through various means. Some hosting companies provide them as part of their services, while others can be acquired through online vendors. Additionally, numerous platforms offer SSL certificates free of charge, presenting accessible options for website owners to prioritize security without financial burden.

Device Location Services

If your website is secure with an SSL Certificate, the feature is most likely not working due to a device-specific issue. Depending on your mobile device, you should be able to find Privacy Settings within your General Settings. Check your device for a setting as shown below (Google will be your friend here if you're not sure!) and be sure that your location services are turned on.

For example, on iPhones, you can go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services.




If your client reaches out about this specific issue, you can direct them to check their location services.