Master Integrations List

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An integration is essentially a connection to bridge two different products.   We’ve discussed that all-in-one solutions may not necessarily be the best end result.  On account of this, many agents choose to use Showcase (the best IDX plugin on the market) with a traditional CRM product, for optimal results!   

You can find Integrations in your Showcase IDX Agent Admin, but here’s a comprehensive list of the available Premium integrations:




The Premium integrations send new leads, messages, and search activity in a one-way outbound connection from Showcase IDX to the CRM. Click here to see all premium integration features.


Don’t see what you’re looking for or are you on the Essentials plan?  Never fear!  All customers have access to the Zapier integration. Zapier supports integrations with thousands of applications and will send new leads and messages (but not search activity) in a one-way outbound connection.