Do you support Coming Soon status?

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Yes! Showcase IDX supports Coming Soon status in markets where it's available. Check if your MLS has support for Coming Soon status by visiting our MLS Coverage page and checking the details for your MLS. 

How do these listings show up on my site?

Coming Soon listings will display just like any of the other listings on your website, but will say "coming soon" as the status, as shown in the image below.




How do I filter Coming Soon listings?

Account Settings

It should be noted that if we support Coming Soon status, but there are no listings in the MLS that are of this status, then you will not see the status available for filtering. 

In your agent admin, find the settings dropdown and navigate to the Search option. On this page, scroll down to the Search Restrictions area and take a look at the Status filter option, as shown below. If you did not want Coming Soon listings on your website, you can uncheck the box next to the status to remove them. Otherwise, the status will automatically be checked for you and Coming Soon listings will display on site.




Make a Hotsheet

We recommend that you make a hotsheet to showcase listings that are Coming Soon on a page on your website. This lets visitors know that inventory will be available soon and they'll be the first to know!

To set this up, navigate to the search library and create a new search. Under the advanced search options (either via the Streamlined search or Advanced search), look for the status filter. The screenshot below shows the status option from the Streamlined search.




If you don't check a specific status, the search will show listings of every status. If you only want to show Coming Soon listings, select that status, add any other filters you want and save the search. Set up a hotsheet as you would normally.


Consumer Search

If you decide to forego making a hotsheet, visitors can still filter Coming Soon listings on your site. They can navigate to your main search page and use the Listing Status filter. In the video below, this search is conducted using the Streamlined search as the consumer search interface.