Avoid Trial Delays: Complete Your Dropbox Sign Document

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We use Dropbox Sign (formerly known as HelloSign) at Showcase IDX for our e-signature documents at sign-up. Dropbox Sign is a similar program to RightSignature and DocuSign. As part of the onboarding process, every customer will be required to sign at least one document through Dropbox Sign.

The Dropbox Sign document will be the first document you sign. Your broker may need to sign as well if your MLS requires it. 

How Long For MLS Approval?

The approval process can take 1-2 weeks after completing the Dropbox Sign agreement, for your MLS to approve the request. Not every MLS is the same so the time it takes will vary. We try our best to get you approved as quickly as possible, but the time it takes to get you approved depends heavily on how quickly we get all the signatures needed and how many requests the MLS has received from vendors.

If you did not receive a confirmation email stating the Dropbox Sign document has been completed, then we are most likely waiting on your broker to apply their signature.

If you did receive the email stating all signatures are complete, please refer to page 1 of the completed document as some MLSs require additional action taken on the agent's part or additional signatures from other systems such as Trestle or MLS Grid. Our Onboarding Team will also let you know if anything additional is required as well as when MLS approval has been received. 

Please work with your contact on the Onboarding Team and be sure to sign documents when they are received!

Do I Need To Sign the Document?

Although you may receive a Dropbox Sign document to sign, it's not required to trial the IDX plugin. You can trial for 10 days with demo data.

To trial the IDX with your local MLS listing data, it is required to sign the document and receive MLS approval. Your account will be activated with demo data initially, and your 10-day free trial with local MLS data will be reset once your MLS approves you for IDX display.

When Will a Document be Sent

You will receive a document specific to your MLS from Dropbox Sign shortly after you sign up for an account. If you are a website developer signing up your client for IDX, your client will receive this document to sign, not you.



The email will be sent from noreply@mail.hellosign.com. It is important to sign the document as soon as possible.  Failure to sign the document will delay your trial beginning. 

If you are an agent, you may receive this document right away. If you are a broker, please allow 1-2 business days.

Who Signs the Document

Generally, the agent will receive an email with a call to action inside that will load the document on a new screen. This may be represented by a blue "review & sign" button, as illustrated below. 


If your MLS requires it, the next signer would usually be the broker. They will receive a similar email and be prompted to complete their part of the document and submit their signature. Please refer to the initial email sent by Dropbox Sign which will indicate the number of signers and who the document will be sent to.

Everyone Has Signed, Now What?

Showcase Onboarding will receive notification that the document has been completed. If additional steps are needed, Showcase Onboarding will follow-up with you via email. Learn more about the different MLS categories and the estimated time for approval here.

In some cases, the document contains instructions for the agent to complete on their end. The documents should be carefully read and instructions carried out promptly to avoid onboarding delays. 

E-sign vs Wet-signature

The e-signature documents must be completed electronically, via our Dropbox Sign. Showcase IDX will not accept a downloaded and signed PDF. This will only delay the process as we will instruct you to complete the document via Dropbox Sign.

What Documents Are Included?

The document you will receive will include one or all of the following items:

  1. Cover Page with input fields for information for Additional Portal process
  2. Registration Instructions Page
  3. IDX Authorization form provided by the MLS
  4. Showcase IDX Terms of Service (including payment and cancellation policies) Always included