Polygon not showing listings

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Drawing a polygon is a great way to define a location, especially if there are multiple locations of the same name in different areas, or you can't find the exact location you're looking for. You can control the boundaries to only show listings within the drawn area. But if you come across an issue where your polygon is not showing listings, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot.

In the screenshot below, you see a nicely drawn shape around a specific area, North Duxbury to be exact. This doesn't appear as a location when searching in the search bar, which is why a polygon was used.

Even though there should be listings displayed inside the drawn area, the polygon is empty and displays "no results found" when on the site. Do you notice what is wrong with this search? 


Now take a look at the next screenshot. Here we have highlighted a white box that appears to the left of the polygon. This box was added by mistake, from a small click and drag of the mouse on the map with the draw tool enabled. This small box is breaking the search because it's not a full shape, and it's not part of the existing shape. 


In the clip below, we demonstrate how the dot is added to the search. It's not possible to delete this white square by using the Delete" function, as you'll see. The search would need to be reset/filters cleared and the polygon is drawn again from scratch.


The image below shows the search working where you see listings inside the polygon after the polygon is redrawn. There is no extra white box skewing the search.


Check your search for an extra white box. If you don't happen to see one, your best option is to reset the map filter and try drawing the polygon again.