Polygon not showing listings

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Drawing a polygon is a great way to define a location, especially if there are multiple locations of the same name in different areas, or you can't find the exact location you're looking for. You can control the boundaries to only show listings within the drawn area. But if you come across an issue where your polygon is not showing listings, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot.

Misplaced Polygon Node

It's possible that, when you drew the polygon, you mistakenly clicked somewhere on the map, causing a misplaced polygon node that is not actually part of your drawn shape. Here we have highlighted a white box that appears to the left of the polygon. This box/node was added with a small click and drag of the mouse on the map with the draw tool enabled. This is breaking the search because it's not a full shape, and it's not part of the existing shape. 


Removing a misplaced polygon node

It's not possible to delete this node by using the Delete function. The search needs to have the filters completely cleared and the polygon will need to be drawn again from scratch.

If your search does not appear to have a misplaced node, it is still recommended to reset the map filter and try drawing the polygon again.

No Active Listings

The other reason why your polygon is not showing listings is that there are no listings in that polygon. A great way to confirm this is to set up a similar search directly with your MLS to confirm if there are any listings. If you confirm that in your MLS there are listings in the same area, you can do 2 things:

  1. Check your search restrictions. Oftentimes, agents will put restrictions on their data feed and forget about them. Listings that fall outside the restrictions will not display on the website.
  2. Contact Showcase IDX support with some example listings that should be in the selected area and we can investigate further.