Why does my website still say "pending"?

  • Updated

If you added a website to your IDX account, you won't be able to use it right away. In most cases, we need to do some additional paperwork and get MLS approval for the new website. 

You need to contact Showcase IDX directly when you add another website to your account. Use the chat function in your IDX Control Panel to send us a request, or email us at help@showcaseidx.com

When you create a website, it stays in "Pending" status until we make it active. You will not be able to install the plugin on the website yet. Learn more about website pricing and how to add a website here.


Once we have MLS approval for your additional website, we will make it active on your account and add your local data feed to it. At this point, you're ready to install the plugin on the new site and billing for this website will begin.

If you added a website and no longer need it, please contact us to delete the website from your account.