Your Registered Leads' Dashboard Overview

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Showcase IDX gives your website visitors a vibrant, dynamic view of their search activity and the home-search process through a series of dashboards that can be accessed once a website visitor registers on your website. You can encourage visitors to become leads by using appropriate registration settings.

These dashboards, coupled with Showcase IDX's proprietary "Friends & Family" features, give leads a data-rich process to find the perfect home for them and their families.

Let's look at some of the key features of the User Dashboards:

User Account Page

This is where your leads can find all the basic information about their account, including the ability to update their contact info, link their social accounts, reset their password, view and invite people to their Friends & Family 'Search Party', and sign out or delete their account.

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The "Searches" section is where your lead will see all of the information about searches they have subscribed to.  This includes the ability to edit those searches, share them, and see what search subscriptions the members of their search party have.  The Searches tab will also display recommended searches from the agent.

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Changing Search Subscription 

If a lead wants to make a change to their search subscription themselves, they can do so by navigating to their Registered Leads' Dashboard on your website. From here, they can perform a few tasks like changing their email frequency to receive more or fewer emails, generating a link to share the search with someone, or deleting their search. Alternatively, the assigned agent can edit a lead's search for them from the IDX Control Panel.


Editing Search Criteria

If a lead wants to edit the criteria of the search, they can click on the name of the search to begin. This function navigates them to the main search page with the criteria of the search loaded into it. From here, they can change the criteria to their liking with the available filters. They can save the edits to the existing search or save the edits as a brand-new search subscription. Once a search subscription has been created, a lead will simply need to wait for an update to receive a new email notification.

If the lead doesn't want to see the listings that are not in Active status in the search, they would filter the search by status to only include the statuses you want to show, like Active. 



The "Listings" section gives your leads detailed information about the listings they have viewed, saved, hidden, recommended, and otherwise interacted with- which can be filtered to include or exclude their search party's activity.  Recommended listings from agents will also appear in this section.

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The "Dashboard" is a timeline and visual representation of ALL the lead's search activity. It also allows filtering by search part member.

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These tools, combined with Showcase IDX's advanced search interface, give your users everything they need for a robust, inclusive home search process!