Featured Listings Showing "No Results"

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Adding a Featured Listings section on your website, like on your homepage in a gallery view or, for agent bio pages for your team to display an agent's active listings, is a great way to self-promote! It's easy to do.

Check out this article to show you how to set those up if you haven't done it yet!

If you've set up the searches and embedded the hotsheets correctly, but you see "no results found", there are a couple way to check this.


No Active Listings

If an agent or an office has NO active listings, then no listings will show. It's that simple! You will have to wait until a listing becomes available in the MLS.

But There Are Active Listings

Agent and Office IDs are case sensitive. Review your IDs with your MLS to be sure you have them filled into our system correctly. You can edit the IDs under a user in the USERS section of your admin. Simply select the user from the list and this will expose the MLS Agent Info section where you can edit those IDs.


If you've updated them in the USERS section, go back to your search in the Search Library and re-check the ID to include it in the search.

That Didn't Work, Now What?

After trying the above options, if you find that STILL no listings populate, you will want to gather some information to share with our support team (help@showcaseidx.com).

Please include in your email the address, MLS ID, and a link to the property on your website (or another website).

What support will do is a reverse lookup of the listing in our database. In most cases, the IDs are not correct (either the case is wrong or just the entire ID is wrong).

As a web developer, your client may give you the wrong number or an MLS vendor (like Trestle or MLS Grid) may want us to use a different field with a different value than what the agent may be used to. Support will let you know what the correct ID should be.