Missing Location in Search

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When doing a search for a particular location, whether it be a city, subdivision, zipcode, or even an individual listing, and you seem to be unable to select the correct option, there are few things you can check. 

    1. The first thing we recommend checking is your Search Restriction SettingsYou can find these settings in your agent admin under Settings > Search.

      If you have set up location restrictions ('Allow Search Only in These Locations'), the listing or location you are looking for could be outside of the restricted area. Simply update your restrictions to include the area you're looking for or the listing is in.


      Warning: We recommend only using one type of location in this section. For example: If you are restricting your feed by city, only use city locations and not city and subdivision locations. If you're restricting your feed by county, only use county and not county and zipcode.

    2. In the same settings area, you might also try checking if you have set any other restrictions on price, sale type, listing type, property type, or status type.



      Remember, unchecking anything in this area completely removes that type of listing from your website and your admin search.

      Once you've checked your settings and made any necessary adjustments, you can try looking for the location in the search again.

    3. If the location, say a subdivision or building, is not appearing still. You might try drawing a polygon around the general location on the map instead. This may be a bit more time-consuming, but should produce the same, if not better results!



There does need to be at least 1 active listing (or a listing that is a supported status) in order for a location to show up. If there are no listings yet, it's best to create a search with a polygon, which will catch the listings when they come online.

If you're still not seeing a specific listing, try reviewing this knowledgebase article for further troubleshooting options.