How to Reactivate My Account

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We're happy that you wish to return to Showcase! 

All of your settings and information- including your leads, messages, and preferences have been saved!  We need to turn your account* back on and reactivate your website! 

If you are not the admin on the account, you will not have access to the Billing tab. We recommend contacting the account owner for information about the account.

Please do not sign up again on our website as this will create a duplicate account.  

Cancelled Subscription

If you were previously a Showcase customer and your account has been cancelled, please reach out to the team at to request your account be reactivated. When you contact us, we will communicate the next steps, which may include getting MLS approval again, getting an updated credit card, and when applicable, collecting any previous outstanding overdue payments.

If you log into your account and update your credit card, our billing system will charge you immediately for service, however, you would still need to contact us to get your website fully reinstated and data feed enabled.

Expired Trial

If you were on a free trial and your trial recently expired (within a week), you may only need to activate your subscription, which you can do here. 

Here's some additional information regarding activating your subscription.

If you were on a free trial and your trial more than 2 weeks ago, you may need to complete onboarding again, depending on your MLS. Your Billing tab won't load, so please reach out to the team at to find out what your next steps are to activate your subscription.

*Showcase IDX reserves the right to change the plan prices at any time. It is important to note that if your account or trial is cancelled and you wish to resume service, you will be subject to the new pricing.